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Professional Stuff

Oh, hi there!

You may be wondering why I've hidden this little gem of a cover letter far away in a separate blog under a drop-down menu on my site?

Well, this past year has been illuminating and my site has been a great anchor for me to direct people to when offering my services as a private e-commerce consultant, Shopify partner, musician, or program facilitator, so I like to keep it looking relatively tidy and professional. But with any luck, that's all about to change. . . 

See, I've been busy what with a toddler and a baby, my strange sideline of an artistic professional life, and doing the odd workshop coordination. I've found myself conducting business phone calls (with close clients who know me well,) while holding my son up on monkey bars, or taking my baby into studio with me. In fact, my daughter was born 3 days after returning from a weekend workshop I ran with AKFC in Ottawa where I was on my feet 8 hours a day. 

Needless to say, my experience of working independently has reminded me of the great feeling of commitment, comradery, and challenge that I had while working for various companies in the e-commerce industry. This industry is one of growth, creativity, and challenge, and that's what I really value in a workplace. My experience working with Shopify, Canada's tech darling has taught me that you need to be yourself to be heard, and that if there's one thing we can all benefit from, it's from continued growth and development. This is why I try to stay on top of new marketing trends, understanding design trends in online ventures, and to continue to develop my own style of communication and marketing specialties.

I'd love to chat about my various professional experiences and why I feel a great affinity for the Shopify platform, so please get in touch!

In the interest of creativity, I'll even share the embarrassment that was my original Shopify application video.  Please note that the email address and the info at the end is no longer applicable, and my hair is a little longer now, but the video itself should be good for a laugh at the very least.

I look forward to talking to you and learning more about how I can come back as a valuable asset to your team.