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What I am sinking about. . .

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Welcome to the new and revised site of selinachiarelli.com!  Maybe facebook has led you here?  Perhaps a little birdie tweeted you?  Whatever the source, thanks for showing up.

I've been struggling this year to crawl out from under my rock of confusion that naturally follows an intercontinental move/purchase of house/dog adoption/return to the place of your troubled childhood. . . and maybe this has done it.

As many of you know, I haven't been back for long.  My husband, son, cat, and myself only arrived on Canadian soil in May, and we came straight home to work and dig our heels in as best we could.  I was overwhelmed with a sense of settlement, which, in itself was unsettling when you consider the past decade or so of my life.  But settle we did, with help and support from friends, family, and new contacts we couldn't have come this far without.

Now wrap all that madness into a jolly Christmas bundle and you have a grateful girl, who still struggles with her health, a mother who struggles with her house, and a friend who seems to be struggling to send out the messages and calls she needs to connect with the very people she moved home to be closer to.  

In short, I am warming up, and Christmas is helping me to do it. . . The dry cold, the piles of snow, the rosy-cheeked smiles I get from my son when we come inside for some hot chocolate are all warming my cockles, so I'm going to do my part to warm yours.  I recently shared a Nina Simone video to loosen up the festive feelings.  That was the first of my twelve days of Christmas, which is a new initiative I have imposed upon myself -  to send out one bit of festive joy every day until Christmas, at which point I'll be hanging out with my creatures, son, and husband in my pyjamas at home watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and an assortment of other movies until it's time to put on a dress and eat some turkey.

So keep an eye out, and hopefully you can enjoy some more unassuming Christmas treasures as the days progress.

Thank you, everyone, and here's hoping that the holidays will bring more of your sweet faces into my life.


  • Norah says...

    Hello, hello, hello, my Selina. Looking forward to the twelve days! When both of our dusts settle, let’s get together.

    On Dec 13, 2014

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