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What I am sinking about. . .

Three French Hens

So, I don't have any french hens, this, being the third day of Christmas, I thought I'd just mention that.  In truth, it appears that my true love is holding out any turtle doves, maids a'milking or other goodies until the 25th itself.  

I really hope that I don't get any actual milkmaids, we only have the one guest room.

Surrealist humour aside, I found myself feeling truly blessed today. Having been out of the country for the last 8 years has made me miss out on some of those less glamourous Christmas moments.  Today I finally got to do something that was on my wishlist these last few years. . . I stayed in and baked with my Mom.  My fevered son and I went over early this morning, where I was presented with my early Christmas present of a Kitchenaid grater attachment for my new mixer.  We then proceeded to play games, drink Bailey's and tea, take naps, and make 3 Christmas puddings!  I threw in a batch of Shortbread and later on we all sat down to a perfect plate of lambshanks and baked potatoes and coloured carrots. . . I basically felt like I was transported to a Norman fucking Rockwell card and I loved it!

We listened to so many sorts of Christmas music as this hazy, tasty, blissful day went on. . . and though I'd love to share some of what we listened to, I thought instead that I'd go with one of North America's favourite Christmas musicians:

This guy. . .

Do you know who this guy is?  We all know his cool Tanenbaum and Christmas Song singalong, but I thought I'd share something a little different from him, this is called "Star Song," so it may be festive in it's own way.  Vince Guaraldi is best known for his work on the Peanuts cartoons, though this song is certainly not on the Peanuts album.  So remember that if you love someone's sound, it's always worth digging past their standards and hearing what other magic they've been up to.

This music may not have been played today, as our puddings bubbled and we cuddled up reading kid's books with my son, but the relaxed, confident mood it evokes certainly suits my state of mind (and somewhere in that first verse, doesn't the piano sound like Nat King Cole's Christmas Song for a few bars?)  Bola Sete is stupendous, and the sound of these masters together makes me happy for the state of music in the world.

So enjoy, and happy puddings to you all!


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