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What I am sinking about. . .

Four calling birds. . . calling. . .

The more I look at these songs, the more I realize that I must be a bear at heart because I seem to believe that the festive mood can be spread by mellow mellow mellow music. . . tonight's no exception, mind you.  But I'm going to liven things up in the days to come.

I hope you'll forgive the absence of last night's post, but as I found out during my visit to the hospital today, I'm suffering from a lovely eye disease. . . see below for illustration:

 (I did this using my fancy new Pencil from fifty three!)

So, after a day of hospitals, bright lights, prescriptions, and rainy slushy melty muck, the imported husband and I walked our coughing son and dog home in a brief moment of respite from the rain.  So tonight, listening to his fitful sleep on the monitor, as I miss a work Christmas gather to put eyedrops in my eye every hour, this sleepy song enchanted me.  It's one thing to have one of my absolute favourite musicians in the trio, but Alison Krauss' voice always makes me think of my dear friend Kate.  

So, in yet another sleepy share, here is "Slumber My Darling."  (I'm learning the lyrics to this as I type, this will definitely make it to the bedtime repertoire, if not a more public venue someday.)

  • Kate says...

    Love you Hun!

    On Dec 19, 2014

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