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What I am sinking about. . .


We are verging on a little over a week left . . . my Christmas has unraveled in the last 24 hours.  

I find myself in a messy house, with few presents from my list completed, and a general feeling of Humbug creeping up, which is so far from my usual, homesick Christmas blue-over-spirited compensation, I can't even say.  My family plans have come apart, as family plans and ties so often do, and this has been revealed as a sad, strange year to which we will bid farewell so soon.

Heedless, I'm looking for something that will help. . . perhaps a few batches of cookies tomorrow, a good sweep, and a Christmas party or two over the weekend should help me.

Meanwhile, here are two of my favourite music makers doing just that - a sweet, dissonant, chaotic twine of holy highs and sweet'n'low.  This reminds me of what I strive for, and maybe a little of this joyful play can come back into my Christmas countdown again, before the countdown is up.


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