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Selina Chiarelli is an elusive artist whose whereabouts and musical tendancies fluctuate with the seasons, the wind, and her whimsy.

She was raised in parallel worlds where she could explore extremes. She studied classical voice, thriving in her heady soprano by day, yet strove to sing out the dankest, darkest corners of the blues by night. She has cited her influences as everything from Bach and Tom Waits to Renata Tebaldi and R.L. Burnside. She thrives on sporradic cabaret performances where her improv and theatrical background can shine, but prefers to spend the majority of her musical energy buried in Choirs and collaborations.

Selina will sing in any language she can fake, she will play with most anyone who listens well and her songs often tell stories . . . which makes sense since she has been raised by storytellers, named after a storyteller and believes strongly in the in the importance of a story well told.

Selina's whereabouts have recently stabilized, as she's come home to roost in her old hometown of Kingston. You can find her in the background singing harmonies for others, or prancing about in something pretty for a personal performance. Just keep an eye out and an ear tuned, since styles will vary and venues always change.

Selina is also host of CFRC's newest classical radio show, "Counterpoint."  This is a show created by Selina, and explores the new face of classical music, both in Canada and overseas.  Her diverse musical taste is highlighted through this show, as she is able to jump from a Yo Yo Ma ensemble's Piazzolla tribute, to a pared-down arrangement of a Britten Opera.  Selina's research, and passion for going off the beaten path of musical genres is not to be missed!

For more information or to try to keep track of Selina, hit the "like" button on her facebook fan page or email her through the form below for details.